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Advanced Contract Management

    Instructor by: Budi Agus Riswandi



    Contract administration is concerned with the oversight of contract performance in order to ensure the successful delivery of a specific procurement. The contract administration phase, in spite of its immediate bearing on the economy, timely fulfilment and success of the procurement process, tends to be largely ignored by the procurement law since it is regulated under various provisions of the national administrative laws as well as standards of professional practice. Contact administration refers to all “technical” and “administrative” tasks performed by the designated team of public officials from the time a contract has been awarded until it is successfully completed, accepted or terminated and payment is made, claims settled and disputes resolved.

    This course provides a close and practical exposure to the various supervision, performance-tracking, trend-analysis and reporting procedures typically used in contract administration. It explains the underpinning principles for substantiation of claims and “burden of proof”, claim assessment and claim settlement. It explores the importance of “contemporary documentary evidence” for claim-settlement purposes as well as claim-avoidance techniques. It draws the attention of the participants to key provisions of various insurance policies, labour law stipulations and occupational safety and health standards that need to be considered in contract management.



    Course participants will be able to competently plan and carry out the various contract administration functions for successful delivery of goods, works and services in accordance with the “scope”, “quality”, “time” and “money” provisions of the respective contracts, the applicable law and recognised standards of professional practice. By the end of the course, the participants will also understand the intimate link between contract administration and successful project management including reporting with respect to accomplishment of project outputs and objectives.



    1. Fundamentals of contract law
    2. Specificity of contracts under Civil and Common Law systems
    3. Nature and purpose of contract administration and its links to project management
    4. Types of contracts
    5. Elements of contract/terms and conditions
    6. Types of contract risks and optimal risk-allocation strategies
    7. Contract administration: FIDIC types of contracts (turnkey, design&build, construction)
    8. Contract administration procedures and sample forms for inspection, acceptance and warranties
    9. Types of insurance policies
    10. Principles of preparation of claims and “burden of proof” aspects
    11. Evaluation of contractors’ / consultants’ / suppliers’ claims and claim settlement
    12. Alternative dispute resolution procedures
    13. Management of meeting
    14. Contract close out





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    2 X Coffee Break



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