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Advanced Maintenance Management

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Maintenance management is the process of overseeing maintenance resources so that the organization does not experience downtime from broken equipment or waste money on inefficient maintenance procedures.

This program is designed for all types of maintenance environments. Attendees could include Directors responsible for maintenance, maintenance managers, supervisors, leadhands, CMMS managers, planners, engineers and people who are in training for these positions. There is also an advantage to having representatives from operations, production control and stockroom for their perspective and input.


MATERI Training Advanced Maintenance Management 

1. Strategic Assessment of Maintenance Operations

  • How to examine your current state of maintenance operations?
  • How to find dominant maintenance operations patterns?
  • What are the tools for evaluating the importance and consequence of maintenance patterns?
  • Exercise in determining your pattern by talking through the different elements of your current operation
  • How do assets deteriorate?

2. Improving Maintenance Reliability The Keystone to Maintenance Excellence

  • How to improve maintenance reliability through Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) techniques?
  • Case study in RCM. Look at RCM from the point of view of how you would do a study and what you would do with the results
  • An actual simple study is generated
  • What is the step by step approach to RCM?

3. Preventive Maintenance

  • What is preventive maintenance really?
  • How to install and run a preventive maintenance system that meets your requirements and improves overall reliability?
  • How to configure preventive maintenance to be the most effective in high uptime and lowest cost?
  • Exercise how and where to use TLC (Tighten, Lubricate, and Clean) to minimize breakdowns (75% of breakdowns are from defects in these areas)

4. Predictive Maintenance, Conditioned Based Maintenance Techniques

  • What are the four major predictive maintenance techniques?
  • How does predictive maintenance and technology “foresee” future maintenance requirements?
  • How to use predictive maintenance to minimize usage of resources?
  • What are the practical predictive maintenance tools and how to use them?
  • How to use statistics to improve maintenance operations?

5. Maintenance Insourcing

6. Working with Vendors

  • How to apply common sense strategies for working together with vendors (contracting, stock room, vendor partnership and buying maintenance parts)?
  • What are the strategies for building “win-win” longterm relationships?
  • Exercise: How to analyze and evaluate suppliers across several categories?
  • What are the new maintenance MRO tools (or how to cut 50% from your cost of acquisition)?
  • Exercise in new MRO tools. Use of the Internet to source spares

7. Maintenance Economic analysis and Quality Improvement

  • How to evaluate your quality improvements?
  • How to apply Deming’squality improvement concepts to maintenance?
  • How to align maintenance quality improvement with overall organizational quality goals and objectives?

8. Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

9. Maintenance Planning Coordination and Scheduling

  • Why is planning for maintenance operations so important?
  • How to incorporate proper planning into your maintenance function?
  • What are the step by step guidelines for integrating maintenance planning and scheduling with building’s usage, fleet schedules and production schedules?

10. Lean Maintenance

  • How to apply tried and proven concepts of Lean to maintenance?
  • What are the specific formulas, performance measures and techniques for Lean maintenance?





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