Basic Lubrication System

Basic Lubrication System

December 10, 2019

Jadwal Pelatihan Basic Lubrication System

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Whenever two moving, solid surfaces contact each other, there is friction which creates heat and leads to destructive wear. Lubrication is the process of introducing a lubricant substance between the surfaces in order to reduce that friction and wear. A lubricant can be a solid such as molybdenum disulfide or Teflon; a semi-solid, such as grease; a liquid, such as oil; or even a gas such as air. This module will focus primarily on the industrial uses of liquid oils and grease as lubricants.



To maximise service life and production time, systems require a lubrication system that is optimised to the requirements. Without a functioning and application-specific lubrication system for bearings, chains and linear guides, excessive system downtime and increased part and machine wear are inevitable.

Basic knowledge about lubricants in central lubrication is taught in an easily understandable way, as well as dealing with the topics of chain and tool lubrication.



  1. Describe The Purpose of Lubricants and Identify The Benefits of Lubricants
  2. Describe The Importance of Proper Lubrication
  3. Describe The Key Characteristics or Properties of Lubricants
  4. Describe The Composition of Lubricant Types
  5. Differentiate Between Liquid Lubricants and Greases
  6. Describe Typical Factors Considered When Selecting a Lubricant
  7. Describe Typical Methods and Systems For Applying or Using Lubricants
  8. Identify Safety Hazards and Safe Work Practices Associated with Lubricants
  9. Describe Environmental Hazards Associated with Lubricants
  10. Basic Knowledge of Central Lubrication
  11. Monoflex Single-Line Central Lubrication Systems
  12. Piston Pumps | Gear Pumps
  13. Progressive Distributor
  14. Fittings and Accessories





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