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Basic Pump Vibration Testing

Jadwal Pelatihan Basic Pump Vibration Testing

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Instructor by : Andi Sularto 



To Supply the participants with the new and developed techniques obeyed in the vibration analysis on pumps and to help them to study the pump performance and to reduce the level of vibration.


MATERI Training Basic Pump Vibration Testing

1. Introduction to pump technology

2. Different types of roto-dynamic pumps and ranges of operation of each

3. Radial

4. Mixed

5. Axial

6. Vibration measurement

7.Vibration diagnostic

8. Basic Theory of Reciprocating Pump and Installation

  • Type of reciprocating pumps
  • Comparison of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps.
  • Discharge of a reciprocating pump.
  • Slip of the pump.
  • Power required driving a reciprocating pump.
  • Indicator diagram of a reciprocating pump.
  • Variation of pressure in the suction and delivery pipes due to acceleration of the piston.
  • Effect of the acceleration of the piston on the indicator diagram.
  • Maximum speed of the rotating crank.
  • Effect of friction in the suction and delivery pipes, on the indicator diagram.
  • Effect of fitting air vessels on the suction and delivery pipes of a reciprocating pump.
  • Maximum speed of rotating crank with air vessels.
  • Work done against friction with/without and air vessels.
  • Flow of water into and from the air vessel, fitted to the delivery pipe of a reciprocating pump.

9. Multiple cylinder pumps.

10. Basic Theory of Fluid Mechanics

  • Basic fluid energy process
  • Basic fluid dynamic
  • Basic flow of incompressible fluid
  • Static fluid
  • Physical properties of incompressible fluid

11. Combination of pump and installation

12. Basic Theory of Centrifugal Pump and Installation

  • Head or energy requirement of the installation
  • The principle of energy transfer in centrifugal pump
  • Characteristic of pump and its installation (Capacity, Head, and Efficiency)

13. Pump Construction details

14. Critical Symptoms of Pump Operation

15. Operation

16. Centrifugal Pump Sealing

17. Rolling Element Bearings in Centrifugal Pump

18. Selecting Multiphase Pumps

19. Main components and methods of fixing

20. Pump for certain applications

21. Reciprocating pumps construction details

22. Pump for certain applications

23. Lobe pump operation and maintenance

24. Pump performance analysis and expected hydraulic behavior

25. Vibration analysis of pumps

26. Axial vibration

27. Radial vibration

28. Vibration charts and tabulation of data

29. Vibration

30. Cause

31. Amplitude

32. Frequency

33. Phase

34. Vibration History records

35. Vibration data sheet

36. Vertical pump application data



Mechanical & electrical engineers and qualified technicians





Case Study




Training Kit



Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


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TRAINING FEE for Basic Pump Vibration Testing

Rp 8.000.000,- / participant / Non residential

Min. 3  Participant siap running

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