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Bearing Failure Analysis

Jadwal Training Bearing Failure Analysis:


    The course covers bearing types and design also discusses lubricant as used with bearings and lubricant analysis. Further the course will cover the reasons for bearing failure, bearing failure analysis and detecting/preventing the causes of bearing failure.



    To gain a detailed understanding of bearing types and design.



    Day 1

    1. Introduction

    • Basic concepts of tribology
    • Bearing surfaces in machines
    • Basic principles of bearing selection
    • Practical consideration in bearing selection
    • Wear mechanisms and methods of wear reductions
    • Plain bearing materials
    • Lubricant selection

    2. Plain Bearings

    • Fluid film bearings
    • Plain thrust bearings
    • Self contained bearings
    • Journal bearings for rotating machines
    • Bearing influence on rotor dynamics
    • Process fluid lubricated bearings
    • Journal bearings for reciprocating machines
    • Rubbing bearing design and material selection
    • Plain bearing failure investigation

    Day 2

    1. Rolling Bearings

    • Types of rolling bearings and their contact conditions
    • Nomenclature and load carrying capacity of rolling bearings
    • Selection of rolling bearings
    • Installation and sealing of rolling bearings
    • Lubrication of rolling bearings
    • Rolling bearing failure investigation

    Day 3

    1. Lubricants and Lubrication Systems

    • Lubricants in services
    • Selection of lubrication systems
    • Specification of large oil systems
    • Lubricant cleanliness in circulation systems
    • Fire and explosion hazards with mineral oils

    2. Problems and Failure Studies

    • Repair of service damage and manufacturing errors
    • Analysis of individual failures
    • Weibull analysis of multiple failures

    3. Course Review and Feedback



    This course is aimed at Mechanical Engineers/Technicians who will be involved in the maintenance of rotating equipment and that require an understanding of bearing technologies and processes. Engineers requiring an understanding of bearing repair techniques would also benefit from attending this course





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