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Bearing Maintenance and Lubrication

Jadwal Training Bearing Maintenance and Lubrication:
  • 02 - 04 Mei 2019, Neo Malioboro Hotel, Yogyakarta


Whenever wear and tear in the operation of plant and equipment is traced, it is often evident that lack of effective and appropriate lubrication and wrong application of bearings are largely responsible. This translates to high cost of maintenance, loss of production and avoidable cause of accidents among other undesirable harmful effects.



  1. State the functions of bearings
  2. State causes and effects of friction in plant operation
  3. Identify types of bearings
  4. Identify bearing loads
  5. Select appropriate bearings for use
  6. Install bearings
  7. Trace bearing faults and recommend remedies
  8. Identify causes of heat generation in rotating machine parts
  9. List functions of lubrication
  10. Identify appropriate methods of lubrication.



  • Selection, Application, Troubleshooting
  • Installation of Press Fit Bearings
  • Proper Shaft to Bore and Housing Fits
  • Proper Bearing Heating Techniques
  • Proper Bearings Interchange
  • Identification of Various Bearing Constructions
  • Proper Bearing Maintenance
  • Understanding Various Retainer Styles
  • Bearing Loads and How They Effect Bearing Life
  • Proper Identification for Bearing Clearance
  • Preloading Bearings
  • How to Identify Duplex Bearing Mounts
  • Bearing Shields and Seals
  • Discussion of Various Rolling Element Styles
  • Bearing Maintenance Tips
  • Bearing Troubleshooting
  • Discussion of Mounted Bearings
  • Purpose of Lubrication
  • Discussion of Types of Grease and Oil
  • Proper Lubrication Amount to Use Based on Bearing Size
  • Proper Re-lubrication Intervals Based on Hours of Operation
  • Proper Types of Lubrication
  • Understanding Various Additives



This course is carefully packaged for maintenance crew: young engineers, technicians, greasers, fitters and machine minders. Those in charge of procurement of engineering parts and consumables will also benefit immensely from the course





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TRAINING FEE for Bearing Maintenance and Lubrication

Rp7.000.000,-/Peserta/Non Recidential

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