Compressor : Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Compressor : Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

July 2, 2014

Jadwal Pelatihan Compressor : Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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Instructor by : I Nengah Diasta



After completion of the course, the participants should be able to describe and demonstrate thoroughly of Pump and compressor. Identify component by names, operation, maintenance and inspection. Describe the proper care, removal alignment and installation of Pump & compressor and their accessories.



A. Fundamental of fluid mechanics and thermodynamic

  1. Properties of fluids
  2. Measurement unit
  3. Basic of fluids dynamic
  4. Energy losses in pipe installation
  5. The gas Laws
  6. Specific Heat
  7. Compression process
  8. Compression Work
  9. Multistage compression

B. Pressure loss at gas pipe installation

  1. Definition and accuracy
  2. Factors to estimate friction loss
  3. Pressure gradient in pipe
  4. Fitting pressure loss
  5. Flexible pipe pressure loss

C. Pump Classification & Construction

  1. Pump Classification
  2. Pump construction and components

D. Pump Installation & Operation

  1. Head or energy requirement of the installation
  2. The principle of energy transfer in centrifugal pump
  3. Characteristic of pump and its installation (Capacity, Head, and Efficiency)
  4. Combination of pump and installation
  5. Pump specification
  6. Pump selection based on capacity, head, and efficiency
  7. Pump arrangement; series and parallel
  8. Suction analysis (Cavitation and NPSH)

E. Pump Maintenance and Troubleshooting
F. Fundamental Theory of Compressor

  1. Compressor development history
  2. Compressor classification
  3. Compressor work cycle
  4. Centrifugal compressor
  5. Head, losses and efficiency
  6. Characteristic at each speed
  7. Compressor installation

G. Dynamic Compressor

  1. Performance & condition definition
  2. Type of centrifugal compressor
  3. Package assembly
  4. Multi casing unit
  5. Centrifugal compressor application
  6. Characteristic of centrifugal compressor
  7. General detail of centrifugal compressor
  8. Pressure ratio and centrifugal characteristic curve
  9. Control of capacity
  10. Inner gear air centrifugal compressor
  11. Axial flow compressor

H. Positive Displacement Compressor

  1. Application of theory
  2. Reciprocating compressor

I. Compressor Installation, Operation and Maintenance

  1. Installation
  2. Field testing
  3. Operation
  4. Inspection and maintenance



Pump and compressor operator, supervisor, and to whom may concern in pump and gas-compressor operation and maintenance.


Training Method

  • Presentation
  • Discussion
  • Case Study
  • Evaluation



  • Training Kit
  • Handout
  • Certificate
  • Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break
  • Souvenir
  • Pick up Participant


Training Fee

Rp. 7.500.000, – / peserta / non recidential

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