Drilling Engineering for Non Engineer

Drilling Engineering for Non Engineer

December 23, 2013

Jadwal Pelatihan Drilling Engineering for Non Engineer

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After completing this course participants are expected to be able to:

  1. Understanding the basic principles and simple calculations for implementation of well-drilling oil wells, gas and geothermal reservoir, develop implementation of this calculation to improve the performance of well-drilling wells in the field.
  2. Conduct simple diagnosis and comprehend the settlement and build oil, gas or geothermal wells.
  3. Create a simple analysis of oil, gas and geothermal wells exploration data, and able to design a global drilling performance and plan its development.
  4.  Conduct the simple quantitative calculations of mapping out for drilling mud, cement, hydraulics, well control.
  5. Practise knowledges in vertical drilling design, for drilling wells sloping design, horizontal wells both using overbalance and underbalance technology.



  1. Introduction : Rotary Drilling Operations
    o Steps to drilling a well
    o Types of rigs
    o Rig Components
    o Rig Systems
  2. Rheology of Drilling and Completion Fluids
    o Equations and Inflow Performance Relationship Functions of Drilling/ Completion
    o Fluids
    o Fluid Types,
    o Fluid Models
    o Introduction to Rotary Viscometer
    o Other Testing Equipment
    o Objectives of Monitoring Fluids
  3. Mud System
    o General Equations and ConceptsDiagnostic tests
    o Water mud based
    o Oil mud based
    o Additives
    o Mud handling system
  4. Cementing
    o Tubing DesignFunctions of cement
    o Cement Types
    o Cement Additives
  5. Oil Field Tubules and Hydraulics
    o Drill string
    o Casing and tubing
    o Casing classification
    o Stresses on casing
    o Casing setting depth
    o Burst and collapse calculations
    o Wellheads
  6. Drilling System – Pressure Loss Calculations
    o Hydrostatics
    o Buoyancy
    o Flow through pipes and annuli
    o Flow path
    o Pressure loss calculations
  7. Drilling System – Bit & Nozzles
    o Hydrostatics Bit Types
    o Bit Parts
    o Bit Classification
    o Bit Nozzles
  8. Introduction to Well Control
    o Hydrostatics Definitions
    o Causes of kicks
    o Kick indicators
    o Shut-in procedure
    o Well Kill Procedures
  9. Directional Drilling
    o Reasons for directional wells
    o Planning Trajectory
    o Kickoff Methods
    o Survey Methods
    o Survey Calculations
    o Hole Assemblies



Operator, Senior Operator, Engineer/Non Engineer





Case Study




Training Kit




2 X Coffee Break



TRAINING FEE for Drilling Engineering for Non Engineer

8.000.000,- / participant / non residential

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