Training Need Analysis

Training Need Analysis

June 27, 2014

Jadwal Pelatihan Training Need Analysis

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The accurate identification of the training needs of an organization is crucial for its success and development. However, theory does little to assist those who face this difficult task. It is not simply a matter of deciding on the location, scope and magnitude of the needs. Priorities need to be set and linked to those of other functions within the organization as well as the goals of the organization as a whole.
Based on this thought, we design this workshop to help company to better manage their limited resources in improving their people skills.


MATERI Training Need Analysis

1. Introduction / Background

    1. Workshop objectives
    2. Expectation of participants.

2. Nature and Scope of Needs Analysis

    1. Some Basic Concepts
    2. A general Model for Diagnosing Needs

3. Generic Approach of Needs Analysis

    1. Problem Identification and Analysis

4. Techniques for Assessing Individuals Needs

    1. Various Approaches to Assessing Individual Needs
    2. Exercise.

5. Techniques for Assessing Group Needs

    1. Various Approaches to Assessing Group Needs
    2. Exercise.

6. Techniques for Assessing Organizational Needs

    1. Various Approaches to Assessing Organizational Needs
    2. Exercise,

7. Closing (Summary and Conclusion).





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TRAINING FEE for Need Analysis

Rp 6.500.000, – / peserta / non recidential

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