Energy Saving

Energy Saving

March 27, 2014

Jadwal Pelatihan Energy Saving

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Instructor by : Bambang Hardjoko



  1. Monitoring energy use
  2. Setting targets
  3. Senior management buy in – ensuring effective energy saving programme governance
  4. Managing assets – getting the best from existing investments, eg. Demystifying Building Management Systems, ensuring efficient time zones and heat/cooling bands
  5. Energy Audits – identifying opportunities to reduce demand
  6. Investments – making the case for business investment in energy saving technologies and working practices
  7. Behaviour Change – effective strategies to influence colleagues and managing change
  8. Strategy – developing policies and effective strategies for energy reduction across the organisation
  9. Low Carbon Economy – proven techniques to reduce energy consumption for the organisations products and services, eg. Life Cycle Energy Use, Lean Engineering, communicating green benefits to customers, etc.
  10. Up skilling the team – how to deliver in-house training programmes to increase energy efficiency competencies within the organisation.
  11. Energy management basics: learn the basics of energy management
  12. Lighting: learn how to upgrade your business lighting
  13. HVAC for business: learn how to maintain and optimise the operation of your HVAC system
  14. Commercial refrigeration: designed for refrigeration contractors to identify opportunities to optimise the energy efficiency of refrigeration systems
  15. Cogeneration feasibility: designed to help you assess the feasibility of a cogeneration system for your business
  16. Industry focused energy efficiency training is also available for the aged-care sector and registered clubs





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