Environmental SafetyHSEOktober 2021Yogyakarta

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report (ESIA)

Jadwal Pelatihan Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report (ESIA)

26 - 28 Oktober 2021Neo Malioboro HotelYogyakarta


The increasing of development process especially in industrial sectors cause increasingly negative impact to environmental system. Comprehensive environmental controlling system is absolutely needed to keep environment remaining to be able to sustain the lives in line with environmental based development principles. The good comprehension and understanding on industrial activities that cause pollution effect and treatment or handling that mus be taken are absolutely needed in other to industrial operational always in line with environmental regulation and laws so that sustainable development can be achieved in reality.



  1. Environmental Regulations in Indonesia
  2. Environmental Suistainable Development Policy
  3. Process and Beneficial of AMDAL
  4. AMDAL Implementation Procedures in Operations
  5. Method of Identification, Forecast & Impact Evaluation
  6. Project Description (Collect The Data, etc)
  7. Scooping
  8. Setting up & Managing AMDAL Team
  9. Contract Agreement and TOR (Term of Reference)
  10. Writing the Document
  11. Decision Making
  12. The Document of KA (Kerangka Acuan, Term of Reference), AMDAL (Analisa Dampak Lingkungan, The Environmental Impact Analysis), RKL (Rencana Pengelolaan Lingkungan, The Environmental Management Plan), RPL (Rencana Pemantauan Lingkungan, The Environmental Monitoring Plan)
  13. Community Participation
  14. Environmental Risk Analysis
  15. Waste Water Treatment Technology
  16. Air Pollution Controlling Technology
  17. Handling Toxic and Dangerous Waste Material
  18. Clean Production
  19. AMDAL Document and UKL UPL
  20. The Environmental Monitoring Program
  21. Cases Study and Discussion



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