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Key Risk Indicators

Jadwal Training Key Risk Indicators:


    While incident management and risk and control self-assessment tools are fairly well embedded in most organizations, many companies either have poorly developed or no key risk indicator (KRI) capabilities in place. KRIs are the tool that monitor risk as it evolves, sometimes in real time, which allows companies to move from “fire fighting” to “fire prevention”. KRIs are not doomsayers-they provide feedback on developments and need appropriate action. Having useful and timely information at your fingertips can improve your business efficiency and improve your returns.

    Through a combination of presentations and practical exercises, this workshop is designed for senior level management and key decision makers.

    The first day of the workshop deals with the necessary fundamentals to understand the environment in which indicators are used and applied. It may seem trivial and basic, but when it comes to doing the job, many managers feel somewhat lost. The day will start with an exercise to identify risk at a higher level and end with another exercise during which participants are to define their selection criteria for a useful and effective indicator to address their needs.

    The second day will focus on more advanced uses of risk indicators, from controls indicators to forecasting, touching upon scenarios and, importantly, management information and risk governance. The training will close with a wrap-up exercise where participants will have a chance to apply and get feedback on everything they have learned.



    1. Identify and specify an indicator and integrate it within your risk management framework
    2. Choose the right indicators to anticipate a potential problem before it occurs
    3. Embrace indicators as an effective management tool
    4. Collect the right information and work with effective indicators
    5. Determine the measures in selecting KRIs that offer insights into future loss events
    6. Comprehend the methods and strategies to use KRIs efficiently
    7. Master the skill to learn how to avoid useless information
    8. Learn how to avoid subjectivity in operational risk reporting



    1. CROs, Directors, Heads, General Managers, Senior Management, and Managers
    2. Operations
    3. Operational Risk Management
    4. Enterprise Risk Management
    5. Internal Audit, Compliance
    6. Credit Risk
    7. Market Risk Management
    8. Operational Risk





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    Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


    Pick Up Participant (Yogyakarta)


    TRAINING FEE for Key Risk Indicators

    Rp6.500.00,-/Participant/Non Residential

    (Quota Minimal 4 participant)

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