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Lubrication and Sealing System

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Instructor by : Gregorius Harjanto



Lubrication is the process or technique employed to reduce friction between, and wear of one or both, surfaces in proximity and moving relative to each other, by interposing a substance called a lubricant in between them. The lubricant can be a solid, (e.g. Molybdenum disulfide MoS2) a solid/liquid dispersion, a liquid such as oil or water, a liquid-liquid dispersion (a grease) or a gas. With fluid lubricants the applied load is either carried by pressure generated within the liquid the due to the frictional viscous resistance to motion of the lubricating fluid between the surfaces, or by the liquid being pumped under pressure between the surfaces.This course have objectives :

  1. Lubrication methods that dramatically increase mean-time-between-failure
  2. How to correctly manage lubricants in reservoirs and sumps
  3. How to write dependable equipment lubrication procedures
  4. Downtime reduction strategies that won’t break the bank
  5. How to select the right lubricant for your application
  6. The truth about aftermarket additives and oil conditioners
  7. How to optimize lubricant storage and handling procedures
  8. When to select grease or oil as the lubricant of choice



  • How Lubrication Affects Machine Reliability
  • Lubrication Fundamentals
  • Understanding Additives, Base Oils and Grease Thickeners
  • Lubricant Performance Properties
  • Food-grade and Environmentally-friendly Lubricants
  • Lubricating Grease Application Methods
  • Lubricating Oil Application Methods
  • Selecting Lubricants
  • Contamination Control
  • Oil Drains, Flushing, and Reservoir Management
  • Storage, Handling, and Managing Lubricants
  • Design and Inspect for Lube Excellence
  • Used Oil Analysis Basics
  • Essential Field Inspections
  • The Role of Lubrication in Machine Reliability
  • Lubrication Fundamentals
  • The Value of Base Oils and Grease Thickeners
  • Lubricant Performance Properties
  • Food-grade and Environmentally Friendly Lubricants
  • Lubricant Degradation
  • Accessorizing New Equipment for Lubrication Excellence
  • Oil Drains, Flushing, and Reservoir Management
  • New Lubricants
  • Lubrication PM Optimization and Design
  • Leakage Stability
  • Advanced Lubricant Selection and Application
  • Troubleshooting Lubrication Problems
  • Lubrication and Oil Analysis Metrics

Seal System

  • Design Requirement
  • Seal Gas Supply
  • Seal Gas Supply Controls
  • Dry Gas Seal Primary Vent
  • Dry Gas Seal Secondary Vent
  • Enrichment line
  • Alarm, Interlock, Conditions
  • Transient Operations/Start Up
  • Gas System Failures & Troubleshooting


Operator, technician, supervisor, engineer etc





Case Study



Training Kit




2 X Coffee Break



TRAINING FEE for Lubrication and Sealing System

Rp 7.500.000,- / peserta / non recidential

Minimal running 3 orang


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