Machinery Failure Analysis

Machinery Failure Analysis

October 17, 2019

Jadwal Pelatihan Machinery Failure Analysis

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Reliability engineering and predictive maintenance have two major objectives: preventing catastrophic failure of critical plant production systems and avoiding deviations from acceptable performance levels that result in personal injury, environmental impact, capacity loss, or poor product quality. Unfortunately, these events will occur no matter how effective the reliability program. Therefore, a viable program must include a process for fully understanding and correcting the root causes that lead to events having an impact on plant performance. The course gives a logical approach to problem solution.

The method can be used to accurately define deviations from acceptable performance levels, isolate the root causes of equipment failures, develop cost effective corrective actions that prevent recurrence. This set is a practical, step by step guide for evaluating most recurring and serious incidents that may occur in a plant. The purpose of RCFA & FMEA is to resolve problems that affect plant performance. It should be an attempt to fix blame for the incident. The use of RCFA & FMEA should be carefully scrutinized before undertaking a full investigation because of the high cost associated with performing such an in depth analysis.



  1. The Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting System
  2. Metallurgical Failure Analysis
  3. Machinery Component Failure Analysis
  4. Machinery Troubleshooting
  5. Vibration Analysis
  6. Generalized Machinery Problem Solving Sequence
  7. The “Seven Cause Category Approach” to Root Cause Failure Analysis
  8. Cause Analysis by Pursuing the Cause and Effect Relationship
  9. Knowledge Based Systems for Machinery Failure Diagnosis



Para praktisi tingkat operator, tingkat penyelia atau perencana bidang teknologi perawatan mesin pada industri rekayasa.





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