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Online Training – Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation

15 - 16 Desember 2020--


Remediation of contaminated sites can be accomplished through legally issued phased environmental site assessment based on environmental risk assessment and management. Upon a Phase I investigation of possible site contamination through site reconnaissance, and where needed, Phase II Site Assessment is conducted based on a conceptual model, soil and groundwater sampling and environmental risk assessment approach. Accordingly, remedial action can be designed to meet regulatory clean up levels. This course will provide the participants with the essential knowledge on the phased structure of Environmental Site Assessment, followed by characterization of contamination and associated environmental risks aimed at achieving appropriate remediation design.



  1. Apply relevant tiered structure for environmental site assessment and remediation
  2. Devise soil and groundwater sampling and analysis plans as part of site assessment
  3. Build conceptual models for site assessment and for environmental risk assessment and management
  4. Understand modelling source-exposure-pathway concept and how to deal with uncertainties
  5. Gain practical knowledge on conventional and innovative soil and groundwater remediation technologies and clean up levels



  1. Legal Framework and Phased Approach for Environmental Site Assessment
  2. Conceptual Site Models (CSM) and Problem Formulation
  3. Fate and Transport Modelling for Exposure Evaluation and Risk Assessment
  4. Soil and Groundwater Sampling Methodologies and Techniques
  5. Conventional and Innovative Soil and Groundwater Remediation Methods
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Topik Training : Online Training – Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation
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