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Online Training – Negotiation and Dealing with Difficult People

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Negotiation and Dealing with Difficult People

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We know the challenges inherent in negotiating with difficult people including vendors, customers, upper management and staff. Even as the specifics of the negotiation change, the people element of the negotiating process has many opportunities for discord, disagreement and disruption.

In the Negotiating With Difficult People training seminar our unique model of Mutuality, Proactivity and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. helps professionals develop a new set of skills for working with difficult people.  For example, Mutuality encourages negotiators on both sides to look for common ground and a relationship based win-win attitude. Proactivity ensures that professionals take steps to lead the way to success through a strong and thorough mutuality-based process. And R.E.S.P.E.C.T. shows professionals how to model Responsiveness, Empathy, Service, Perspectives, Esteem, Courage and Truth-telling as essential ingredients in a successful negotiation. This focused negotiations training program, facilitated through the lens of a busy professional working with a difficult negotiator, is an essential tool for professionals who need to negotiate at work.



  1. Expands awareness of what makes people come across as difficult
  2. Increases awareness of how to modify negotiations for each person
  3. Uncovers the value of understanding differing negotiation styles
  4. Teaches how to create Range & Alternatives for best results
  5. Provides a 5 phase approach for extra-ordinary outcomes
  6. Identifies how to overcome win-lose Tactics used by others
  7. Expands ability to deal with and diffuse conflict
  8. Anchors success through use of real-life role play practice session



1. Identify What it is That Makes Them “difficult.”

2. Find Out Why They Are Being “difficult.”

  • Put on your psychologist hat-all negotiators have a bit of a psychologist in them-and explore why your counterpart is behaving in such a fashion
  • Evaluate if their behavior is
  • Simply their personality style or approach to conflict
  • Cultural tendency or trait
  • Specific tactic they are using to intimidate you
  • Due to something that recently happened in their life

3. Be Firm and Principled

4. Develop a Good Plan B

5. Don’t Sink to Their Level

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