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Online Training – Plaxis 3D for Foundation Tank

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Plaxis 3D for Foundation Tank

23 - 24 Februari 2021--


Foundation is a structural part of a building on which a building stands. Foundation transmits and distributes its own load and imposed loads to the soil in such a way that the load bearing capacity of the “Foundation Bed” is not exceeded. When the soil at shallow depth is not capable of supporting a structure, deep foundations are required to transfer the loads to deeper strata. If a firm stratum is so deep that it cannot be reached by open excavation, the deep foundation will be adopted. It is well known from many studies on tank foundation systems that stability and settlement are two main factors which may lead to the rupture or even the complete failure of tanks.

PLAXIS 3D is a powerful user-friendly finite element package intended for two dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics. It is used worldwide by top engineering companies and institutions in the civil engineering and geotechnical engineering industries. This course will learn how to use PLAXIS 3D. This applications range from excavation, embankment and foundation to tunneling, mining and reservoir geomechanics.


MATERI Training Online – Plaxis 3D for Foundation Tank

  1. Tank Foundation System
  2. Tank Foundation Review
    • Stability
    • Criteria for Settlement of Tanks
    • Differential Settlements in Steel Tanks
    • Field Study
    • Numerical Study
    • Centrifuge Model
  3. Introduction of Plaxis 3D
    • General
    • Model
    • Elements Interfaces
    • Material
    • Undrained Analysis and Drained Analysis
    • Mesh Properties
    • Staged Construction
    • Generation of Initial Stresses
    • Single Pile Analysis using 3D
    • Pile Raft Comparison
    • Limitations of 3D Analysis
  1. An Overview of Soil Models
  2. Modelling of Embankments
  3. Embankment Exercise
  4. Modelling of Groundwater
  5. Modelling of Excavations (or Tunnels)
  6. Discussion
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