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Partial discharge monitoring is an effective on-line predictive maintenance test for motors and generators at 4160 volt and above, as well as other electrical distribution equipment. The benefits of online testing allow for equipment analysis and diagnostics during normal production. Corrective actions can be planned and implemented, resulting in reduced unscheduled downtime. An understanding of the theory related to partial discharge, and the relationship to early detection of insulation deterioration is required to properly evaluate this predictive maintenance tool.

This training will introduce us about partial discharge and present a theory to promote the understanding of partial discharge technology, as well as various implementation and measurement techniques that have evolved in the industry. Data interpretation and corrective actions will be reviewed, in conjunction with comprehensive predictive maintenance practices that employ partial discharge testing and analysis.



  • Learn new techniques for assessing the condition of assets
  • Deliver cost effective asset life extension through non-invasive testing
  • Work more safely by identifying assets at risk of failure
  • Save money by identifying potential failures before they happen
  • Gain certification of competence to use a range of PD detection equipment
  • Enhance your companies asset management strategy


MATERI Training Partial Discharge

  • Background of Partial Discharge
  • Measurement Techniques
  • Measurement Procedures
  • Practical Exercise on demonstration switchgear
  • Reporting and Analysis of Results
  • Options for Further Investigation
  • Case Studies
  • Overview of UltraTEV Monitor
  • Sensor Types and Locations
  • System Installation
  • System Discovery
  • Practical Installation
  • System Management and Configuration
  • Data Analysis



Personil yang bertugas di bidang pemeliharaan gardu induk atau di bidang assessment dan diagnosa partial discharge peralatan penyaluran listrik.





Case Study




Training Kit

Flash disk



Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break



TRAINING FEE for Partial Discharge

Rp. 7.500.000,- / Participant / Non Residential

Quota min 3 orang peserta training pasti jalan

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