Project Finance Modelling

Project Finance Modelling

December 7, 2017

Jadwal Pelatihan Project Finance Modelling

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This course will learn about best practices in financial modelling as well as advanced project finance modelling concepts.



  • Introduce about Project Finance, including the reasons for using it and the key characteristics of a Project  Finance transaction
  • This course hopefully can increase awareness of best practice modelling methodologies and consistency of  approach in the context of a Project Finance transaction
  • Improve the team’s Ms Excel efficiency


MATERI Training Project Finance Modelling

1. Master Proven Techniques For Best Practice Modelling Resulting In Better Models Built Faster

  • Learn to work with the powerful and easy to follow SMART best practice modelling methodology
  • Discuss and identify good vs bad modelling techniques using real-life examples
  • Greatly increase consistency amongst your team in calculation technique and presentation

2. Discuss The Life-cycle of a Project Finance Model, From Screening and Structuring to Financial Close

  • Learn the various structural phases of project finance
  • Understand when to use which phase
  • Build your understanding of the building block components, key details and challenges of a transaction model
  • Understand the design flow of the model builder, learn how to know where to go next

3. Develop a Model Structure That is Robust and Scalable That Can Evolve With a Typical Project or Transaction

  • Establish key constants in the model using full scope of Excel range name function
  • Build a flexible timing structure using appropriate date functions and binary flags

4. Construct Modularised Units That Form the Building Blocks of a Professional Model Including (but not limited to)

  • Capital Expenditure breakdown with contingencies controls
  • Production calculations with multi-path optionality on time-series schedules
  • Revenue build up with detailed pricing controls
  • Operational and maintenance expenses including fixed and variable items
  • Understand the structure of cashflow waterfalls and the importance of ‘seniority’
  • Focus on how to calculate Cash Flow Available for Debt Service
  • Learn how to layout line items in an efficient and easy to communicate way

5. Understand the Different Types of Circular References and How to Avoid Them

  • Integrate project finance term (operational) debt
  • Walk through of term debt structuring and annuity repayment through first principles
  • Inclusion of target Debt Service Coverage Ratio repayment functionality
  • Discussion of linear and bullet repayment structures in project finance

6. Construct and Analyse Debt Facilities for Credit or Investment Decisions

  • Learn the importance of credit ratios and their purposes in analysis
  • Build commonly used ratios in banking and finance from first principles
  • Extract key metrics from ratios using a range of advanced Excel functions

7. Calculate Key Returns Results and Understand The Role of Dividends Policy

  • Discuss the reason and impact of dividends policy on valuations
  • Integrate internal rate of returns and NPV, understand role of the discount rate
  • Learn differences between NPV and XNPV functions and common errors in their application

8. Take Control of Robust and Rapid Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis Through Powerful Excel Techniques

  • Save time and deliver rapid analysis with our approach to scenario management
  • Use the scenario manager to test the model in all scenarios
  • Build confidence in your analysis through pre-programmed combinations of model inputs





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Rp7.000.000,-/Peserta/Non Recidential

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