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Reliability, Availibility and Maintainability Analysis

Jadwal Training Reliability, Availibility and Maintainability Analysis:


    Reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) is one of the most current maintenance program used in oil and gas industry at design (FEED) stage or in operation stage. The reliability data, in terms of MTTF, MTBF will be evaluated for each individual equipment and system. The reliability of the system is determined using a reliability block diagram by considering serial or parallel arrangement of the equipment that construct the system (e.g. gas process plant). Maintainability is defined, and assumptions are made according to data history of similar equipment/system or engineering judgment. Sensitivity analysis is also performed for various cases of MTTR including logistical support for parts and materials to evaluate which factors become the major contributors to the maintainability and availability. For RAM modeling, various foreseeable scenarios, including the effect of logistic time delay, can also be developed. The major cause for unreliability and unavailability related to down time will be discussed, and the necessary steps to avoid that condition will be recommended



    RAM analysis will benefit the maintenance engineers to manage both rotating and  static equipments and their asset in more quantitative manner using proper statistics data generated from historic or well known reliability data based. Unavailability of the equipments and plants can therefore be numerically predicted and so plant downtime can be more managed.


    MATERI Training Reliability, Availibility and Maintainability Analysis

    1. Defining the system by utilize the PFDs, P&IDs and equipment lists
    2. Obtaining necessary failure rate data and repair from reliable resources, e.g. OREDA and in accordance with the industry standard ISO 14224
    3. Determine individual equipment reliability
    4. Determining the MTTR
      Calculating reliability and availability of the system (plant level)
    5. Performing sensitivity modeling for various cases of MTTR including logistic supports for parts and materials.
    6. Outlining the major causes of non-availability and production inefficiency and propose improvements to the equipment/systems maintenance programs where appropriat


    Plant and Pipeline Operators, Supervisors, Engineers and Manager.




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