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Safeguarding Your Organization Against Fraud

Jadwal Training Safeguarding Your Organization Against Fraud:


    • Understand and explain how a fraud could take place
    • Understand the motivating factors for an individual to commit fraud
    • Understand and describe the various schemes in fraud
    • Understand how fraud can take place in various business processes
    • Understand and apply effective fraud prevention programme in your organization
    • Design key control activities and policies to detect and prevent a specific fraud scheme in a business process
    • Develop a fraud risk register to systematically reduce fraud risk using risk-based approach



    • Practitioners who work in the areas of compliance, risk management, anti-money laundering and anti-corruption
    • Other professionals who wish to become aware of these issues which might impact directly or indirectly upon their organizations
    • Consultants who wish to work in an advisory capacity and who wish to obtain a detailed knowledge of the types of issues faced by organizations


    OUTLINE MATERI Training Safeguarding Your Organization Against Fraud

    1. Introduction to Fraud

    • The Definition of Fraud
    • How Fraud Could Take Place
    • The Fraud Triangle and its Implications
    • Who is a Fraudster?
    • How Fraud can Affect Your Organization

    2. The Various Fraud Schemes

    • Corruption
    • Misappropriation of Assets
    • Financial Statement Fraud
    • Accounts Receivable Fraud
    • Illustrations and Samples
    • Video Presentation

    3. How to Get Away With Fraud?

    • How Fraud Conversion Takes Place
    • Why Fraud Concealment is Important to Hide Fraud Conversion
    • The Common Techniques in Fraud Concealment
    • The Connection Between Fraud Concealment and Fraud Conversion
    • An Illustration on How a Fraud Conversion Took Place and Was Concealed to Avoid Detection

    4. Fraud Prevention and Detection

    • The Difference Between Fraud Detection and Prevention
    • How Control Activities and Policies can Reduce Fraud Incidences
    • Definition of Internal Controls
    • Good and Effective Internal Controls
    • How to Design Internal Controls to Detect and Prevent a Specific Fraud

    5. Control Environment

    • The Importance of Good Control Environment
    • The Five Components in COSO
    • Other Important Factors You Should Consider in Mitigating Fraud

    6. Fraud Prevention Programme

    • Developing a Fraud Prevention Programme
    • The Essentials of a Fraud Prevention Programme
    • Who Owns and Responsible for Fraud?

    7. Fraud Risk Register

    • What Makes a Good Fraud Risk Register
    • The Seven Steps in Developing a Fraud Risk Register
    • Prepare a Fraud Risk Register for an Identified Fraud Risk

    8. Recapitulation

    • Questions and Answers
    • Review





    Case Study




    Training Kit



    Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


    Pick Up Participant (Yogyakarta)


    TRAINING FEE for Safeguarding Your Organization Against Fraud

    Rp6.500.000,-/Peserta/Non Recidential

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