Advanced Logistic and Material Management

Advanced Logistic and Material Management

March 5, 2024

Jadwal Pelatihan Advanced Logistic and Material Management

23 - 25 Juli 2024-Bandung
09 - 11 Juli 2024-Yogyakarta
25 - 27 Juni 2024-Bandung
19 - 21 Juni 2024-Yogyakarta
11 - 13 Juni 2024-Yogyakarta
04 - 06 Juni 2024-Bandung
20 - 22 Mei 2024-Yogyakarta
14 - 16 Mei 2024-Yogyakarta
06 - 08 Mei 2024-Bandung
24 - 26 April 2024-Yogyakarta
22 - 24 April 2024-Lombok
19 - 21 Maret 2024-Semarang
19 - 21 Maret 2024-Bandung
26 - 28 Februari 2024-Bali



Advanced Logistics and Materials Management training course fully covers the role and impact of Logistics and Supply Chain Management affecting an organization through the understanding of Supplier Management in Purchasing, Transportation Models, and Inventory Models from a cost efficient and optimization perspective.

This highly interactive advanced training course is designed for the course delegates to practice and develop key facets of advanced logistics and materials management which will enable delegates to strategically manage international shipping systems and inventory. Examples of global best practice are delivered throughout the training course to enable delegates to fully embed the learning in order that they can apply within their roles upon returning to their work following the course.


  • Process mapping the Supply Chain and internal processes for optimized results
  • Management of risks and the actions of both internal departments and external stakeholders
  • The impact of advanced logistics management both upon the organization’s financial resources and the impact on internal and external customer service
  • Integrating logistics forecasting with peak demands and resource planning to optimize the cost efficiency in managing inventory
  • Inventory models to effectively manage and where appropriate reduce inventories
  • Global best practice in purchasing, inventory controls and materials management



  1. Appreciate the implication of the impacts of logistics & materials management and purchasing functions both internally and external to the organization
  2. Apply the concepts of international logistics/freight procedures & documentation
  3. Appreciate the importance of effective resources planning
  4. Develop optimized work processes and financial areas such as cashflow, cost reduction and management
  5. Learn how to effectively manage inventory utilizing selective inventory strategic policies
  6. Develop specific action plans to further develop their role and organizational benefit





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Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


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