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Evaluating Returns on Training Investment

    Instructor by: Syafaruddin Alwi



    One of the constant questions of management is, “How much is the return on the training expenses?” Responses like, “it has improved production or morale” is acceptable unless the savings or increase are clearly evaluated and presented to management. If done properly, training will not be an expense, but a profit center.

    This program will assist trainers to respond to the following queries:

    1. To what extent are the participants satisfied as customers?
    2. To what extent have the participants learned the information or skills?
    3. To what extent has their behavior changed as a result of attending the course?
    4. Did the training pay off? How much?
    5. How do the trainees apply their learning constantly or as a way of life?



    After the course, you will:

    1. Explain the critical elements of an evaluation framework;
    2. Design and interpret results of reaction, learning, behavior, and results of evaluation;
    3. Identify appropriate strategies to make the learning a way of life; and
    4. Calculate returns of training investment using appropriate measures.



    The program is designed for training and organizational development specialists, entry level training officers, managers and supervisors who are directly involved in staff and/or unit development, and to non-HR persons who need to learn and understand training functions and processes.



    Introduction and Rationale

    • Review of training cycle (Kirkpatrick & Wade)
    • Need for training evaluation

    Principles and Characteristics of an Evaluation

    Four Levels of Evaluation

    • Reaction: Customer satisfaction
    • Learning: Level of skill or knowledge
    • Behavior: Application of learning
    • Results: Pay-off or return on training investment
    • Practicum: Design of reaction and behavior evaluation instruments

    Measurement of Business-Focused Results

    • Kinds of results
    • Measurement of organizational impact
    • Selecting impact measurements
    • Calculating ROTI

    Strategies for Ensuring Constant Learning Applications





    Case Study




    Training Kit



    Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break



    TRAINING FEE for Evaluating Returns on Investment

    Rp. 6.000.000,-/ peserta/ no recidential

    Form Pre-Registrasi

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