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Log Interpretation


    • To provide a practical understanding of basic concepts and methodology of well log acquisition and interpretation for subsurface or reservoir studies 



    Participants will learn how:

    • To understand well log acquisition techniques
    • To grasp fundamental physics of log measurements
    • To perform well-log quality control
    • To understand log data from shale and other geological formations
    • To perform basic log interpretation to identify and characterize reservoirs 



    Basic interpretation concepts

    • Seals and reservoirs
    • Definition of main reservoir petrophysical and fluid properties (lithology, porosity, resistivity, saturation)
    • Fundamental equations for log interpretation in clean formations
    • Environment of measurement (drilling, borehole, invasion process)

    Measurements and applications

    • Mud logging and coring operations
    • Wireline logging operations
    • The log: header, calibrations, parameters, repeat section, main log
    • Logging tool principle, limitation, application, quality control
    • Caliper, gamma ray and GR spectrometry, spontaneous potential
    • Resistivity (induction, laterolog) and microresistivity measurements
    • Porosity and lithology measurements: nuclear (litho-density, neutron) and acoustic logging

    Basic log interpretation

    • Wireline log interpretation in clean formations
    • Identification of shales, common geological formations and reservoirs
    • Cross-plot technique with density and neutron
    • Identification of fluid contacts
    • Hydrocarbon effects on logs
    • Determination of lithology and porosity
    • Determination of Rw (SP, Ratio, Rwa)
    • Determination of water and hydrocarbon saturations
    • Case of oil based mud
    • Estimation of h.Phi.So 



    Geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers interested in well log interpretation 



    Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation 



    Training Kit, Handout, Certificate, 1 X Lunch, 2 X Coffee Break Souvenir 


    TRAINING FEE for Log Interpretation

    Rp. 7.000.000,- / participant / NON residential


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    Data Materi Training

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