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Shutdown Management

Jadwal Training Shutdown Management:

    Instructor by : Cecep Slamet Abadi



    The engineering world is littered with examples of poor shutdowns with massive overruns in costs and problems in resource planning. Performing an effective shutdown is an example of applying many of the principles of good Project Management with some important exception which are outlined in the workshop. This training gives you an excellent review of shutdown management from the perspective of someone who has done it from the trenches. There are many case studies of successful shutdown projects to ensure that you get the latest and most up to date information to successfully apply to your next project no matter what position you hold.



    1. Fundamentals Of Shutdowns And Turnarounds
    2. Management Plan & Procedures
    3. Scheduling Maintenance Activities
    4. Monitoring & Control Techniques
    5. Backlog Management Techniques
    6. Planning for the Shutdown
    7. The Actual Shutdown
    8. Post Shutdown
    9. Measurement & Improvement of Maintenance Performance
    10. Maintenance Audits
    11. Human Resources
    12. Materials & Equipment Planning
    13. Principles Of Engineering Project Management For Shutdowns
    14. Time Management Of Shutdowns
    15. Cost Management Of Shutdowns
    16. Risk Management Of Shutdowns
    17. Quality In Shutdown Management
    18. Introduction To Contract Law On Shutdowns



    Project Engineer, Engineering Professionals, Shutdown Managers and Co-ordinators, Maintenance Planning Managers, Cost Control Staff, Construction Superintendents, Technical Personnel, Maintenance/Supervisory Managers, Project Team Members in: manufacturing, process industries, research & development, utilities, local authorities





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    Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


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    TRAINING FEE for Shutdown Management

    Rp. 7.500.000, – / peserta / non recidential

    *minimal peserta 3 orang


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