Vibration Analysis Level 1

Vibration Analysis Level 1

March 16, 2015

Jadwal Pelatihan Vibration Analysis Level 1

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Course is designed to prepare individuals to analyze vibration related problems on rotating machinery. Since most of these problems are detected as a part of the predictive maintenance process, the course is approached from that prospective. Topics include a brief review of the fundamentals of vibration analysis and the procedures used to implement predictive maintenance on rotating machinery. A series of lectures and discussions, and problem solving sessions, enable participants to grasp the key elements of the analysis process.



This course is designed to assist participants to develop the skills required to analyze complex vibration problems on a wide array of rotating machinery. Students are exposed to the solution of many types of vibration problems through the use of “case history” examples



  • Maintenance Philosophies: Implementation of Vibration Based PDM Programs
  • Review of Vibration Basics
  • Vibration Units ; Vibration Sensors
  • FFT Frequency Spectrum ; Time Waveform
  • Advanced FFT Spectrum Parameters
  • Vibration Analysis of Anti-friction Bearings Using Advanced Techniques (PeakVue, Spike Energy, HFD, Crest Factor, Waveform Peak Acceleration, etc.)
  • Phase Angle as a Diagnostic Tool
  • Phase Angle Measurements with Single & Dual Channel Analyzers
  • Operating Deflection Shape Analysis
  • Mode Shape Analysis
  • Natural Frequencies, Resonance,
  • Critical Speeds: Testing Procedures
  • Diagnosis & Correction of Imbalance:
  • Introduction to Calibration Weight Balance Procedures
  • Detection of Misalignment Using Phase Angle
  • Detection of Mechanical Looseness in Rotating Machinery
  • Vibration Analysis of Common Gear Problems
  • Motor Vibration and Motor Current Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis of Centrifugal & Positive Displacement Pumps
  • Vibration Limits & Acceptance Testing: GM & Other Industry Standards
  • Introduction to Dual-Channel Vibration Analysis





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TRAINING FEE for Vibration Analysis Level 1

Rp . 7.500.000,- / participant / non residential

(minimal 3 peserta training fix running)

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