Service Orientation

Service Orientation

September 30, 2013

Jadwal Pelatihan Service Orientation

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Instructor by: Dr. Drs. H. A. Fauzan Asmara, MM


Service Orientation — Listening to and understanding the client (both inside (colleagues) and outside company); anticipating client needs; giving high priority to client satisfaction. To most citizens, the contact person is the organization. In their eyes, the organization is only as competent, knowledgeable, courteous, and reliable as the person who represents it.

Even if the client is not wholly satisfied with a product or service, if excellent, efficient client service is offered, they will be more likely to return to you, which is good for business. Remember no clients means no business. If you understand your clients, you can better determine which of your products or services are more suitable for them and you can even develop and deliver a more tailored product or service.



  • Understand how to respond and meet the basic needs of customers
  • Knowing how to appropriately respond to customer
  • Maintain good communication and relationship with clients
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Improve the quality of self to improve the quality of service to customers
  • Using long-term perspective



  • Personality Profile
  • Service Business
  • Client Service Orientation
  • Service Paradigm
  • Client Types & Need Identification
  • Identify Positive Service Attitude
  • Body Language Honesty
  • Positive Communication Skill
  • SER (Self Esteem, Empowerment, Recover)
  • VICE (Vision, Improved, Care, Exceed Expectation)
  • Complaint Handling
  • Professionalism under Pressure
  • Maintain and develop relationship to corporate






Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation



Training Kit, Handout, Certificate, Lunch, 2 X Coffee Break, Souvenir


TRAINING FEE for Service Orientation

Rp. 6.000.000,- / Participant / Non residential

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